Saturday, December 10, 2005

Music Review - Royksopp

Royksopp fits the Electronic/Trip-Hop genre best with their smooth, cool, richly layered, textured, scandinavian sounds. A recent gig review says......

"It's hard to contemplate getting blissed out on a dancefloor when that floor is a mire of gloopy mud so sticky you can barely lift your feet up... but if anyone can pull such a trick, Royksopp can. Even the skies cleared when they came on stage at 9pm, giving the mud-splattered crowd only their second glimpse of blue skies all day, before dusk fell.

The eccentric Norwegian duo had the crowd warmed up within minutes - with a set in which old favourites from Melody AM were interspersed with the more tune-based tracks from their latest album, The Understanding.

By mid set, their four-on-the-floor dancefloor hit Poor Leno had the ecstatic audience frenziedly bopping, and that was before one of the duo (Sven? Torbjorn? one or the other) announced they would 'take things up a notch'.

Royksopp's stage set was vaguely reminiscent of a kitsch West End show and what with the man carting his inflatable kangaroo through the crowd ('Make way for Skippy, make way for Skippy!') and somebody waving a plastic Father Christmas around on the end of a rod, the whole experience was pretty surreal.

You have to wonder what the boys who grew up in a small town inside the arctic circle made of the scene before them. But, surreal or not, what better an environment to experience one of the most sublime and groovy chill-out acts ever!"

Some personal favorites by Royksopp:

Only This Moment, Follow My Ruin, Remind Me, What Else Is There, Alpha Male, Poor Leno, So Easy, I Don't Know What I Can Save You From, Eple, Tristesse Globale, Clocks Remix, Someone Like Me, Dooh Dooh, Arctic Circle, She's So.........

Also, if you can get your hands on it, the music video for their "Remind Me" is excellent - a look at modern, spec'ed out, human experience.


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