Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tokyo Balearic

Living in our urban jungle information flashes past us through the internet, mobile phones and TV faster than the speed of thought. We are plugged in and logged in beyond the point of information saturation and overload. Everyday in the digital fog the real and important information is lost. As the knowledge from our experiences is diluted by chemical agents and electromagnetic waves we find ourselves exposed to 24H junk food, cheap liquor, mindless music and desensitized people. The society we live in is the most unnatural in the history of mankind and as the human desire to consume and control grows we will ultimately destroy our world.

Humans are animals that have evolved in a natural habitat for many thousands of years and our physiology requires that we have sunshine, fresh air, organic food, music and rhythm. The innovators and pioneering music makers such as YMO, Giorgio Moroder, Larry Levan (R.I.P.) and Ron Hardy (R.I.P.) led us out of the darkness in the past and now we need to head into a brighter future. Whether we are in Tokyo, Beijing, Pyongyang, Paris, Baghdad, Kabul, Berlin, Barcelona, London or New York the world must find a common language.

Those in Tokyo being at the forefront of the technology devolution have created the new language of 120BPM Trance. Typically psychedelic or rave style trance surges forward at 140+ BPM crushing all in its path and lashing people who demand an escape from reality with noise. It creates dissenters and turns people off but within its details lies a secret and infinite possibilities are unlocked by lowering the BPM and reclaiming the funk, tuning it to a natural human tempo. By learning from our past our DJ crew is rewriting our common language creating a new brighter future with a sound like no other.

Technology is put under our control and pushed to its extremes to accommodate our new vision. Our turntables are customized with the pitch control dropping the tempo by -13.5%. Dampers are added to stabilize the turntables and the stylus, with a needle pressure of 1g draws a deeper and cleaner bass out from the vinyl.. The decks are wired through a first edition UREI 1620 mixer and into a tuned soundsystem consisting of four of ATCs flagship SCM100ASL mid-high range active speakers and four Funktion One 18h bass bin towers. No isolators are used and all music is played from one track per side mastered 12" vinyl.

The DJ is positioned in the middle of the sound of the four speaker tower so no monitor speakers are used. The sound the DJ hears is that which is heard on the dancefloor building the unity between the DJ and the audience. The DJ also overlays the sound from a Schumann Wave Generator, amplifying the resonant frequency of the Earth and her atmosphere, purifying negative energies and correcting electromagnetic disharmony.

While one floor moves to the sound of the future 120 BPM contemporary Balearic Trance, the other is educational and highlights the history of Balearic classics. The whole experience is complimented by organic eRakuichi Rakuzaf booths serving quality refreshments. 'Ayanas' creates a more natural atmosphere by creating a green and lush background of healing plants and flowers. 'Karava' delights your senses while 'Sala Shanti' massages your body and soul.

A world renowned sound system. A Schumann Wave Generator. The dancfloor pulses. Past meets future. One world under one groove. Tokyo Balearic. The healing revolution starts here.



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